Reveling in this sisterhood this eclipse morning. I wanted to pop in and just express how grateful I am that I decided to invest in myself by signing up for Matriarch Mastery™. I was on the fence about it for a good year. After sitting in this group for a little bit and starting to tune into my ‘why’ in life something in me recognized that there was something for me in the training.
I am so glad I made that choice. I love diving deep but without a guide and a support network it can get confusing and chaotic. I have felt so supported and held in the work of becoming more fully human, more fully embodied in my feminine. If any of you in here are on the fence maybe take the leap. Life feels more full of joy, I feel more blissful more equipped to do the work needed to heal and grow and expand and learn and play and most of all, to soften. If you too seek to soften, this may be for you ❤
I think the most treasured part for me is the Voxer chat with all the other matriarchs. It’s such a gift to check in and hear other women going through so many similar things and to share and be seen and held. It’s something that I have needed for so long. Tears are welling as I type this it’s just so profound. Anyway, I hope this maybe supports anyone who may be thinking about the paid training take the next steps. You are so worth it.