Matriarch Mastery™ is where the rubber meets the road in our spiritual practice...

Do you crave a life where the most mundane tasks become sacred and joyful?

Do you want your marriage to go from good to great... or even, Ecstatic?
Would you like your work to nourish your community and create abundance that both supports your spiritual practice AND creates a rising tide for those around you?
If so, Matriarch Mastery™ is the Mystery School & Mentorship Program you've been longing for...

FINALLY, a container that can support ALL of you.

Matriarch Mastery™ is an online school for Women that teaches you how to go from juggling and trying to 'balance' your spiritual practice, family, business and weaving them into a beautiful tapestry of ease and delight.

This is for the women who not only desire Sacred Union, but to also engage in purposeful work & wealth with their beloved.

Welcome to Matriarch Mastery™, our self-paced online container & sisterhood of Queens that can hold ALL of you. A space where the teachings of spiritual practice meet the mundane and infuse daily life with an over-flow of shakti.

A year-long mastermind & mentorship that weaves ancient technologies through the modern feminine experience. A class that supports the modern householder.

Welcome home to the Well that helps you weave it all together on the path of enlightenment.

The time is now to integrate the next phase of spiritual practice. Now more than ever, Women need Matriarch Mastery™ to step into their Queenship and serve humanity.

What's Included

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