I finally let some tears flow this morning. Note the word *finally.* Yeah, it had been too long. You might be like me and hold in the tears a lot. As a counselor for children in a community where the needs are plenty, it’s a daily practice of keeping composure amidst the fray, and easier every day to just fall into being “professionally warm.” Just going through the motions.

Then I go home, and often find myself in that “going through the motions” mode with my own family, my husband and my daughter, Daisy. I busy myself and make a clean house for her when what she will truly thrive in is a connected home.


The life I dream of weaving for her includes a vision of her with a mother who is genuinely soft and compassionate. With her, my husband, and I together in a garden of our own making, in a home we own. I want that beautiful scene for the play of my life.

The thing is, I have to be aware of my “going through the motions” pattern in the first place in order to alchemize it. I have to know my WHY behind having that beautiful vision for my family. I need to have the chance to know in my deepest heart of hearts that I truly want to be a soft and supple mother for Daisy and wife for my husband. Of course it all sounds nice, but to truly embody this, there is work behind the scenes that must be done in order for me to have THE SCENE play in front of my eyes.

That vision I hold of us in the garden of our making…I don’t get to just cut to that “happy ending” just because I want it.

That’s where Tara comes in.

The Matriarch Mastery™ course she offers is a framework and a container, so there is an incredible degree of structure and support. It is also a mirror back into myself. She’s not “giving” me the answers to my questions. She’s directing me back inward to seek my own. The intimate coaching I receive from Tara and the coaching she delivers to others that I am witness to creates an environment for EXPONENTIAL healing and personal growth. The kind that is helping me sense that I won’t have to wait until my daughter is 10 before I make my dream for our family a reality, it starts now. This gorgeous image I’m sharing of me floating in the water, that wasn’t just the “point and click” moment. There was A LOT of inner work through Matriarch Mastery™ that took place behind the scenes prior to this to make that image a reality. Facing my shadows, feeling into my own senses, valuing myself as sovereign, communicating lovingly with my husband, understanding wealth building…and so much more! And now, I get to announce I am launching my business as a private yoga instructor. AMAZING!!

We don’t get to have a happy ending with an unhappy journey…so for me, it became time to realize that yes, I can be the muse in the picture, or the sweet mother in the movie scene, AND I can expand my being beyond just that idea and honor all of the versions of me behind the scenes that pull the pulleys and push the buttons and sweat and scream and cry to make that happen.

To me, it’s simply invaluable to have Matriarch Mastery holding me along the way.

Join us, dear sister.