The way Tara’s classes within Matriarch Mastery have guided me to feel more with my senses, to weave more within my family unit as a wife and Mother and to unearth the shadows and alchemize has honestly been completely life changing. There was a profound shift from my life being something that was happening to me TO me being the Creatrix-quite honestly.
Radical accountability and manifestation have been two energies so vibrantly flowing.
The rituals within our satsang when meeting in person have been electric and the abundance bestowed to me as it has all unfolded has felt like magic.
I feel that even my husband and daughters' lives have changed for the better because of my involvement with this work. (My husband asked that I personally thank Tara for him!)
The clarity I have found through the mentorship with Tara and the shared experiences and camaraderie of all the amazing women of Matriarch Mastery is such a gift. Truly.
SO much gratitude and love.