The Yoga of Sensuality: Self Love, Worth & Pleasure

The Sacred Self

Join us in "The Sacred Self" – a transformative online journey where self-discovery and self-mastery merge with the wisdom of Tara's decades of Sadhana, Vedic, Tantric and Yogic studies, Sacred Union, and lived experience weaving heaven on earth for herself & family. She will guide you as you immerse yourself in the profound exploration of your senses and learn to navigate the realms of self-love, self-worth, self-talk, and self-pleasure.

This course is not just theory; it's a guided journey filled with practical exercises and rituals that will empower you to take action and begin your journey to embody self-mastery. Step by step, you'll integrate these practices into your daily life. It's time to awaken your awareness, align with your truest desires, and embrace your most authentic self.

Self-Love & Self-Worth

Dive deep into the sacred springs of self-love and self-worth.  Through guided practices, you'll cultivate a profound sense of appreciation for your own unique essence.


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Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

Reconnect with self-pleasure and self-discovery.  Embrace the joy of honoring your body, mind, and spirit. See what our sister site, The Yoni Praise Apothecary™, has to offer!

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Transformative Self-Talk

Unearth the art of positive self-talk. Break free from self-limiting beliefs, and embrace empowering inner dialogue that elevates your self esteem.


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